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Accolade Enterprise Investment Scheme open to investors - 2016

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An Enterprise Investment Scheme may be offered to the general public as it is not regulated under Section 238 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

However, an E.I.S. may not be a suitable investment in your circumstances. Before subscribing for shares, please take appropriate financial advice as to the suitability of the Accolade Enterprise Investment Scheme for yourself.  

All E.I.S. may be characterised as suitable for wealthy and adventurous investors who can afford to take a high level of risk and lock money away for the long term.

HM Revenue & Customs 'Notes About EIS' includes the following paragraphs:-

"When investing in small, unquoted companies, there is a significant risk that you may lose your investment, or at least not see any substantial return. This in turn makes it difficult for companies to raise equity financing. 

To assist both sides, the Enterprise Investment Scheme was devised by the UK Government to allow a range of tax reliefs to investors in shares of qualifying companies, thereby aiming to increase investments in this area."

Accolade Partnership Limited ask that you remember, by their very nature, EIS are higher risk investments. They should only be considered by those who can afford to take such risks. They are intended for sophisticated investors who expect to hold them long term, whilst still accepting they may get back less than they invested.
Dont let a tax incentive tale wag the investment dogDon't let a tax incentive 'tale' wag the investment dog! 

Tax sweeteners can NEVER turn a bad investment into a good one...only lessen the bitterness when it fails. 

50% of business start-ups fail within 12 months; 95% go broke inside 5 years. Accolade was established in 1980 and has been successfully trading for 32 years. 

However, Accolade shares have no listing on any Stock Exchange, so there isn't a recognised market making it difficult to obtain reliable information about their value.

Minority holdings in unquoted investments are difficult to protect and to realise, so an exit from such investments cannot be predicted. Investors should not consider investing funds which are, or may be, required before realisation can be made.

Accolade Partnership Limited is a relatively small company and highly dependent on the skills of a group of key executives. EIS funds raised will be applied to remedy the current reliance on core staff but no guarantee can be given in this respect.

Investments may be especially vulnerable to changes in technology, government actions, changes in statute and competitive pressures.  In particular, there may be changes to the EIS legislation which may affect Investor’s tax positions.

Accolade Partnership Limited does not provide, and nothing on this website should be construed as, investment or tax advice. Potential investors must seek specialist independent tax and financial advice before investing in the Accolade EIS.

It is not intended that anything stated in this website should be construed as an offer or invitation to treat or inducement to engage in any investment activity. The information contained within is directed at United Kingdom residents only and the EIS referred to on this website will not be offered to non-residents. 

This website is not directed at persons who are residents of any other country than the UK, including the United States of America and South Africa, where the EIS referred to is not registered or approved for marketing and/or sale and where the dissemination of information on the fund is not permitted. 

The information provided on this website is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution, publication or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Individuals or legal entities in respect of whom such prohibitions apply, whether on grounds of their nationality, place of residence or on other grounds, must not use this website.

Past performance is no guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value of investments and the income derived from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. 

An investment into Accolade Partnership Ltd EIS may only be made on the basis of the information set out in our Prospectus. Information is directed only at persons in the UK who can self-certify that they are sophisticated investors. Accolade does not provide advice on investors' suitability for an investment in its EIS. 

Opinions expressed on this website represent the views of Accolade Directors at the time of publication. These are subject to change and should not be interpreted as investment advice.  

Accolade has taken reasonable care to ensure that the facts stated in this website are true and accurate in all material respects, and that there are no other material facts or opinions which have been omitted where the omission of such would render this website misleading. 

Readers of this website who intend to invest in the EIS outlined are reminded that such an investment may only be made on the basis of the information and other risk factors that they ascertain and verify for themselves. 

The value of tax savings depends on your circumstances... and tax rules change over time. There is also a risk that inflation erodes the value of your subscription during the period that you are required to hold EIS shares. The longer the time-scale the more risk to capital due to inflation. 

Accolade’s EIS may cease to qualify, subject to HMRC's review process. In that case, the relief available on an investment may be lost.

No amount of tax 'sweetener' can turn a bad investment into a good one...only lessen the bitterness when it turns sour. Avoid having your tax relief withdrawn. Choos a company that understands and complies with complex E.I.S. regulations. Whilst there can be no pre-arranged agreement for realising mature EIS shares, it will be some consolation to know that Accolade has a viable investor exit strategy.

An Enterprise Investment Scheme is by far the best way of exploiting tax breaks.

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EIS relief takes the edge off your tax bill

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"He either fears his fate too much,
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An Enterprise Investment Scheme is an appropriate venture for UK income tax payers who can self-identify as being a sophisticated investor.
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